13th January 2020

Interior Design Resolutions for 2020

The start of a new decade is a great time to take stock of how far we’ve come, while also looking to the future with new plans and aspirations. If one of your aspirations for 2020 is to take the interior of your home up a few notches, then here are a few design resolutions you can take into the next 12 months.

Embrace colour

Ercol Cosenza Chair

Neutrals have been big news for quite some time now and they don’t appear to be fading into the background anytime soon. But lots of neutrals doesn’t have to mean lots of shades of beige. Neutrals provide the perfect backdrop to extravagant pops of colour, adding a bit of drama where you least expect it. Introduce colour with a brightly coloured armchair or a few bold cushions to the sofa add some interest and flair.

Love it or donate it

Marie Kondo

One of the biggest themes for interiors at the moment is streamlining. Almost every home ends up with clutter at some point or another, the key is to differentiate between the things you love and need and the things that can be passed on. Try the Marie Kondo method of holding an object, seeing if it sparks joy and then deciding whether to keep it or donate it to charity. If you don’t feel anything while you’re holding it, it’s time to let it go. Also, pay more attention to what you bring into the house to avoid creating more clutter. Watch Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix.

Go with the rattan flow 

Rattan is everywhere at the moment, for good reason. It’s laid back, summery feel is perfectly suited to almost any interior, from modern minimalist to farmhouse country. Use rattan lampshades to add interest to the ceiling or incorporate a few rattan baskets to hold plants and linens.

Keep it organised

If you’ve ever looked at a corner of your home and wondered why things tend to pile up there, then perhaps it’s time to look at the storage options for that space. This usually happens in the hallway where shoes and coats are dumped or the kitchen side where envelopes lay unopened for weeks. Installing some storage solutions will help you to keep those spaces organised in 2020.

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26th November 2019

5 Things Every Festive Dining Room Needs

Whether you use your dining room for regular family gatherings or seasonal dinner parties, the pieces that you have in this room can have a huge impact on the memories you create there. These are just a few things that every dining room needs to create the cosy, welcoming space that you’ll remember forever.


The first key ingredient for a warm and inviting dining room is great lighting. An overhead chandelier usually works well in most dining spaces, but it’s also a good idea to layer up your lighting by introducing floor lamps, table lamps, candles and fairy lights. The difference in the brightness and levels or lights adds interest and warmth to any dining room.


Table linens can instantly transform a room into a five-star dining experience. Simple tablecloths, placemats and coasters not only protect the dining table from spills and stains, but they can also be changed up to suit the seasons and holidays.


Some dining rooms can be a little on the tight side when it comes to space, so make the room feel bigger by placing a few mirrors strategically to bounce light around. This will create the illusion of light and space and will also provide the perfect reflection for those late-night dinner candles. The mirror in the image is the Breeze by VIDA Living.

Console table

A sideboard or console table is the perfect addition to the dining room as it allows for extra serving space when you have lots of platters of food. You can also use it as a place to pour drinks or keep additional crockery and linens. Sideboard in the image is the Teramo by Ercol.


Complement your dining table with a beautiful centrepiece, such as a vase of fresh flowers, a bowl of juicy fruit or a stunning candelabra. You don’t need to keep the centrepiece out when you have guests, but it dresses the table for those times when it’s not in use, making your dining room look inviting at all times.

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14th November 2019

Why Every Home Needs a Sideboard

Why Every Home Needs a Sideboard

Sideboard in image: Ercol Large Sideboard

A much-overlooked piece of furniture, sideboards are an essential part of the home. Traditionally, they were used in dining rooms to increase storage space but have since evolved to become a staple part of the hallways, bedroom, lounge and kitchen as well. In fact, you could easily use one in every room of the house! There are plenty of benefits to using a sideboard in your home, here are just a few of them.

One of the best reasons to invest in a sideboard is that it increases your work surface space. In the dining room, this means you have additional space to serve up from, rather than crowding the table. In the kitchen, you can use sideboards as an additional food preparation space and in the bedroom, they can easily double up as vanity units.

Not only do sideboards provide work surface space, but they also increase the storage in a room without overpowering it. Whether you need to stash blankets, cutlery, books, records, unopened letters or crockery, a good sideboard has you covered.

A good sideboard can also make a room look finished and styled as they are great places to display ornaments and photos. Choosing a sideboard with the same style as your existing décor is easy as there are so many available. From country chic and contemporary to traditional and minimal, there are so many to choose from that you are bound to find the perfect console for your home.  

So, if you are looking for the perfect way to add style, storage, and work surface space then a console is the right piece of furniture for you. The only tricky part is choosing which one you like the best! 

We have a great range of sideboards in our store and online. To find out more, contact our store on 01562 755766 (Carters Furniture Store), 01562 66396 (Carters Bed City) or email us via our Contact Us page. 

28th October 2019

How to Prepare Your Home for Autumn

How to Prepare Your Home for Autumn

As the nights begin to draw in and the temperature starts to drop, it’s time to start thinking about getting the home in order for the colder months. Autumn is a great time to get started on some of those essential maintenance jobs so that your house is prepared and ready for the cold, wet weather and you can get on with the arduous task of getting cosy indoors!

Autumn clean
Although we tend to have a deep clean in the springtime, autumn is a great time to do this as well. After all, we will be spending a lot of time indoors over the coming months, so it’s better to have a nice, clean space to be in! Tackle the inside of your home the same way that you would in the spring. Throw open the windows to air it out, dust every surface right down to the skirting boards, declutter every room, reorganise the kitchen cupboards and give the carpets a clean.

Clean out the gutters
There’s nothing worse than getting halfway through the rainy season before realising there is a huge leak coming from the gutters. Clear any debris from them before checking carefully for leaks and repairing where necessary.

Get a service
If you rely on central heating during the autumn and winter, now is a good time to have your boiler serviced to check that it is in working order. This will mean you’re much less likely to deal with a break down right when you need it the least!

Turn up the 'hygge'
The autumn months are all about hot chocolate, blankets, and toasty fires, so turn up the hygge factor in your home and make it as cosy as possible. Hang fairy lights around the living room, light a few candles, and put some extra warm blankets and cushions on the sofa.

Think about the furniture
If you are planning on getting some new furniture for your home this autumn, have a think about the layout that you currently have in your room and whether you can change it to create more space. Perhaps your new sofa could go in a different place to allow you more space to move around in?

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8th October 2019

5 Ways to Organise Your Bookshelf

5 Ways to Organise Your Bookshelf

Image: Bentley Bergen Narrow Bookcase Grey

If you’re a natural-born hoarder of books, then you will know that finding space for them all can be super challenging! From stashing them in cupboards to piling them precariously on any available space, books can easily take over and make space feel cluttered and untidy. Luckily there are a few ingenious ways of organising them which not only looks great but helps you to find what you need in a flash!

The first way to arrange your books is by height. This keeps a uniform effect that offers a streamlined look to the bookshelf. Arranging books by height is ideal for contemporary or minimal spaces that need clean lines and sleek finishes.

One of the biggest trends at the moment is to arrange books by the colour of their spines. This is a great way to create a colourful rainbow effect or check patterns with groups of books of the same colour.

If you’re all about the organisation, then it might be a better idea to organise your books by their genre. This will help you to find them super quickly when you have a lot of subject matters covered in your bookcase! Group books into sections such as horror, fantasy, crime and nonfiction before arranging them on your shelf.

If you have a lot of books of different heights and widths, arrange them by size. Keep bigger, heavier books on the bottom of the bookcase and arrange lighter, smaller books at the top.

For those times when you just need to find that book right away, it’s a good idea to arrange them alphabetically. Whether you arrange by author or title, this method may take some time, but it will appeal to any book fan’s sense of order.

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25th September 2019

The Benefits of Footstools

The Benefits of Footstools

When it comes to decorating the living room, it can be easy to focus on the most obvious pieces of furniture. Weeks can be spent choosing the perfect sofa and TV set up, but once the room has all come together it feels as though there is something missing. It’s not long before you settle in to watch your favourite film and go to put your feet up and… but there’s no footstool! Footstools, also known as ottomans, are the unsung heroes of the living room, so embrace these benefits of having one, trust us when we say that you will never look back!


For those occasions when family and friends come to visit, the footstool provides the perfect overflow seating. Whether left in the middle of the room or pushed up against the wall to act as a couch, a good ottoman can mean the difference between guests sitting comfortably or having to perch uncomfortably on the floor.


Storage is usually at a premium in most homes in the UK, so having extra places to stash clutter and valuables is always a huge benefit. There are plenty of ottomans that have hidden storage for toys, books, DVDs, blankets, newspapers – whatever you can fit into them. Look for a footstool with a good quality hinged top and stash to your heart’s content.


You don’t have to be an amazing interior designer to transform a space, simply add an ottoman and see what a huge difference it can make to the layout and feel of the room. Use a bold colour to contrast against your existing furniture or find something that perfectly suits the colour scheme of your current set up.    


An ottoman is a great example of furniture that has a double use. For those occasions when you need a coffee table, look no further than your amazing footstool! Place a tray on the top and use for serving drinks or display some of your books in a creative way. 


Everyone needs a statement piece in their living room, so why not make that statement with the ottoman. Choose a showstopping shade or a plush fabric to bring the wow factor to your living room.

We have a great range of ottomans and footstools in our store and online.

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18th September 2019

5 of Our Best Children’s Beds

When it’s finally time for your little one to start sleeping in a big bed, it can feel like the end of an era! But it can also be the beginning of a new one, especially with one of our super fun beds. Check out our top 5 best-selling children’s beds and treat your little one to a great night’s sleep.

Julian Bowen Campervan Bunk Bed

The Julian Bowen Campervan Bunk Bed is the perfect fun design for any child’s room! Beautifully crafted and extremely sturdy, the bunk bed is a fun and funky way to offer space saving solutions without compromising on style. Featuring a surfboard style ladder, steering wheel and a great paint job to give a realistic finish.

Birlea Islington Mid Sleeper

The beautifully minimal Birlea Islington Mid Sleeper is a highly practical space saving solution for any child’s room. Ideal for creating a modern Scandinavian look, this bed provides style and storage in spades and is available in either an oak or a white finish.

Brooke Bunk Bed

Incredibly functional, versatile and beautifully handcrafted, the Brooke Honey Oak Bunk Bed is a great example of Shaker-inspired design. Not only is the bunk bed an ideal space-saving solution, the beds can easily be separated to create two comfortable single beds. Available in a choice of either Opal White or Honey Oak.

Julian Bowen Hornet Speed Racer

The Hornet Speed Racer is a durable and exciting bed finished in a high gloss red lacquer. Its low profile and sleek styling combine to create an authentic racing care feel that kids love. The rear spoiler can be used as a bookshelf and its compact size means that it will easily fit into most rooms.

Julian Bowen Maine Bookcase Bed

The ideal bed for children who love to read, the Julian Bowen Bookcase Bed features characteristic panelling, creating a refined aesthetic. The underbed is ideal for additional sleep space for when guests come to visit and can be neatly tucked away when not in use.

We have a great range of children’s beds in our store. To find out more, contact our store on 01562 755766 (Carters Furniture Store), 01562 66396 (Carters Bed City) or email us via our Contact Us page. 

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27th August 2019

Bringing the Wow Factor to Your Hallway

Bringing the Wow Factor to Your Hallway

Product in image: Bentley Designs Montreux Grey Washed Oak and Soft Grey 6 Drawer Chest

The hallway is one of the most underrated rooms in the home – often overlooked and neglected in favour of the larger reception rooms. But the hallway is arguably the most important room – not only is it the first place you enter when you come home but it is the first place your guests will see when they come to visit. Adding the wow factor to your hallway should be super high on your list of interior design priorities!

So, how do you go about transforming your hallway into a seriously impressive entrance?

Add mirrors

Most hallways are rather narrow spaces and can often be a bit gloomy. Adding mirrors to the space will open it up, give the illusion of space and bounce plenty of light around the room.

Update the lighting

If your hallway has a simple pendant light with a lampshade that has seen much better days, then now is the time to update it and give it a huge makeover. Bring in the bling factor by adding a brilliant chandelier, install some wall scones or even run a strip of LED lights up the staircase to give it a super inviting feel.

Address the floor

The hallway floor sure takes a good beating, so it is super important to make sure you use hardwearing, easy to clean surfaces here. Start with durable vinyl or stylish wooden floor and layer with a rug made from super sturdy materials.

Cover the walls

The walls in your hallway don’t need to be boring, add some interest by hanging some wall art or family photos to make the space feel lived in and welcoming.

Bring in the outside

A super-fast way to bring life and colour into any space is to bring in some greenery. A stunning indoor tree placed by the front door or a row of succulents along the windowsill can work wonders for any hallway.

Create storage

If you’re always hunting for your keys, now is a good time to install a console or sideboard in your hallway. Not only will this provide you with a safe space to stash your keys when you get home, but it can also provide storage for letters and wallets so that you can stay organised.

We have a great range of sideboards in our store. To find out more, contact our store on 01562 755766 (Carters Furniture Store), 01562 66396 (Carters Bed City) or email us via our Contact Us page. 

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22nd August 2019

The Health Benefits of Replacing Your Mattress

Salus Meadow 4450 Mattress

It is estimated that we spend over a third of our lives in bed – that’s a lot of time! So, when it comes to getting some shut-eye, how often do we think about whether we’re getting a healthy night’s sleep?

The National Sleep Foundation recommends that we replace our mattresses every 8 years as a rule, though this timeframe can often be shorter if you’re over the age of 40. This is because our bodies need an increasingly good sleep surface as we age.

The best way to work out whether it’s time to replace your mattress is to look for sagging spots as this is a good sign that it is no longer providing you with the right support at night. Another sign that it’s time to upgrade is if you wake feeling groggy or in pain.

So, what are the health benefits of replacing your mattress?

Boosts immune system 

Harrison Brasilia 5200 Non Turn Mattress

A good night’s sleep can work wonders on boosting your immune system. If you spend a night tossing and turning it can inhibit the production of hormones that your immune system needs to function properly. However, if you sleep well, your body is able to function well, enabling you to fight infections and viruses much more effectively.

Reduces allergy symptoms 

VI Spring Dartington Mattress Only

If you haven’t been using a mattress protector, your mattress is likely to be harbouring dust mites and allergens which can trigger all kinds of allergy and asthma symptoms. A new mattress is a great way to start afresh and reduce the allergens in your bedroom, just make sure that you protect it properly with a mattress protection system.

Eliminates backaches
Hypnos Orthocare 12 Mattress

A good mattress should provide support in all of the right places to reduce strain on your spine and prevent backaches. If your mattress is sagging in the middle, then it is likely to cause back and hip problems.

Improves concentration 

Sealy Genoa Geltex Mattress

If you struggle to concentrate during the day, it may be that a lack of sleep is making it difficult for you to focus. Investing in a new mattress should promote a restful night’s sleep, which in turn will enable you to concentrate the next day.

We have a great range of beds in our store. To find out more, contact our store on 01562 755766 (Carters Furniture Store), 01562 66396 (Carters Bed City) or email us via our Contact Us page. 

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9th August 2019

Interior Design: Mixing Patterns in the Home

Interior Design: Mixing Patterns in the Home

Product in image: Alstons Camden Grand Sofa

Interior design is one of those creative skills that can be learned or acquired over time. Once you get to grips with a few essential basics, you have a solid foundation to work and develop from. One of those basics is how to mix patterns.

If you’ve ever come across a photo in a magazine or online and wondered how they managed to achieve the finished look, then learning how to mix patterns is a good place to start. One of the most important things to know about this particular skill is that patterns don’t need to match. That’s right! You can mix and clash a huge variety of patterns and produce a very beautiful result. So, where do you begin?


Colour is a great way to link patterns together without being matchy-matchy. If you have one or several key colours in a room, pick those out and work from there. Use your key colours to choose cushions, wallpapers, upholstery, curtains and carpets in a variety of patterns. From florals and geometric shapes to plaids and tartans, there are many different patterns that can work super well together provided that they all use the same colour scheme. It might seem alien at first, putting a delicate floral pattern next to bold stripe design, but as long as the colours work together then the patterns should look natural next to each other. 

It’s also a good idea to remember that you don’t need to go crazy with the colours. When done correctly an array of bright, clashing colours can look very good, but the same kind of effect can be achieved by sticking with an understated neutral or monochrome palette as well.


Size and scale 

Another key ingredient in mixing patterns is the size and scale of the designs. A great room will have the perfect balance of large and small patterns, layered in a way that makes the room look expertly finished. Larger patterns should be used on larger areas, such as floors and walls, medium patterns can be used on furniture and smaller patterns can be used on accessories such as cushions. Solid colours are perfect for tying all of the patterns together, so don’t be afraid to pick out one or two colours and use them as a block background for some of your pattern choices.

We have a great range of pattered furniture in our store. To find out more, contact our store on 01562 755766 (Carters Furniture Store), 01562 66396 (Carters Bed City) or email us via our Contact Us page.

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